Established in 2016, Heegame Team always adhere to our goals: Fewer failure rates, longer range, and more beautiful appearance.

Fewer Failure Rates

To be fewer failure rates, We use strong tire fixed around the bumper cars to slow down the impact force, and also every mechanical elements are designed with a larger safety factor. Normally, Our bumper cars are at least 30kg heavier than other bumper cars.

You see, traditional bumper cars can not promise a 1 year warranty, Heegame’ bumper car can promise. And Our bumper cars can at least last more than 3 years.

Longer Range

To be Longer Range, We have adopted the oldest and most stable quality lead-acid battery as the power source, 12V, 40AH/45AH, 4PCS; We also use Maintenance-free brushless motor in all our cars.

More Beautiful Appearance

To more beautiful appearance, We collaborate with top domestic industrial design companies to launch 3-5 new bumper cars annually.

That’s an incredible leap forward for bumper cars!